07 Mar 2018

What technologies we should choose for our career?

Although we find it difficult for us to decide whether we are inclined towards programming or administration , or something creative and innovative , yet we follow the same path of choosing our careers on the basis of what others decide for us!
Others may include the teachers and the professors , our peer group etc . but fact is that they can only guide us , rather we are the ones who holds the decision making power about our field of interest and how can we take a step forward to pursue that particular career!
We don’t even know that the IT World is full of technologies , technologies which are not even known to many – reason being the lack of awareness .
IT sector is full of opportunities and each segment in this is an important role back whether it is Website Designing and development- which requires the person to be an innovative thinker and creative at the same time , other being Software Development – which is completely made for coders and programmers. Those who are having  an interest in coding and programming languages can choose the Java and Android track . Rest , those who don’t have interest in either  of the technologies can choose a career where it is completely command based – Linux administration and Network administration . 
Advancements have been done and so is the trend of the technologies, Earlier people used to get into the track of Dot Net but now scenario has changed and thus , completely Core PHP has taken over with advance frameworks like Drupal,Joomla,magento, Cake PHP etc. On the other hand , Java has been used since way back long, and thus to take it over, JBOSS has been introduced in the same track .
Here GRRAS guides you how to take up the career and what  track can lead you to have the best career opportunity

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